Sunday, July 7, 2013

Community Helpers

One of my favorite themes this year was community helpers.  We got to go on field trips to fun places like the the post office, the fire station, and the dentist office.

Here are some follow-up sheets the students completed after the trip:

 We used the costumes and props in the drama center:

My students especially loved using this cute pet intake form while playing vet.  I found it here at Kindergarten Night Owls.

We made class books like this:

We learned a song the follows the tune of the wheels on the bus.  Here is a powerpoint I made to help the students learn the words:

Towards the end of the unit, we talked about what students want to be when they grow up and then we created this poster that says: When I grow up I will be someone who helps my community!  I used clip art pictures of community helpers and put my students faces in place of the clip art faces.

Here is a link to the clip art that I used and the labels for the bottom of the graph.

We then hung this poster in the center of the bulletin board and surrounded it with these community helpers that my students cut out of construction paper.  It was amazing to see how much their scissor skills have improved from the beginning of the year!

If you want to download the templates I made, go here for a free download.  I just cut down construction paper so that it would fit into the printer.


Saturday, July 6, 2013

Tooth Tally Classroom Display

When I taught first grade, this was a classroom must have!

Kids in first grade lose teeth all the time and this is a simple way to celebrate that, without taking lots of time away from learning.  This can be kept up all year and the students love to compare which months had the most and fewest lost teeth.

I suggest laminating these and using dry erase markers on them so that they can be used year after year.  You can download these from my tPt store by clicking here.

Also, be sure to pin it on Pinterest here.


Classroom Job Chart

This past year I made this job chart for my class:
It was simple to make and it worked quite well.  I used  a piece of poster board which I edged with some border that I bought at the Dollar Tree.  I then added book pockets and cut job labels to put on top.
You can download the job labels here.

The chart I made last year was similar and the labels can be downloaded here.  For both charts they are in Microsoft Word format, so you can easily edit them to fit the jobs that you want the students in your class to have.

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Easy end of the year gift

Last year I made these for my students at the end of the year and I put a picture of it Pinterest
I have been thoroughly surprised by the huge number of repins, so I thought it would be a good thing to share with everyone. 

This year I switched grades and I now teach pre-k, so the little rhyme needed to be changed.  This year the ones I made looked like this:

I used Goldfish crackers to fill the bags, but you could also use Swedish Fish or these cute fish shaped water squirts from Oriental Trading.

If you want to make these for your students, you can download the templates for free here (for 8 1/2 X 11 paper), here (for A4 paper)  or at my TPT store, here
I recommend using card stock or tag board to print the labels on.


Hello & Welcome!

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